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Musikene holds the entrance exams for the Higher Degree in June.


Prerequisite: Upper secondary education diploma (bachillerato) or proof of graduation (to be presented at enrolment).

Registration: online between March 22 and May 22, 2023, at 1:00 p.m.

  • Candidates can register for up to 3 areas of specialization but can only pursue one the first year.
  • In addition to completing the online form, applicants must send via email to a copy of their national identity card or passport and proof of payment (80 euros per specialization).
  • Any works that so require shall be performed with an accompanist; candidates may bring their own accompanist. Musikene will provide accompanists if the candidate specifically request this service in the application form and pay the corresponding fee.

Examination schedule: June 19 to 30, 2023 (the dates for each area of specialization will be posted on the Spanish version of the website at least one month in advance).

  • Language: the examinations may be taken in Spanish, Basque, French or English. Please tick the corresponding box in the registration form.

Results will be published on the Spanish version of the website and on the bulletin board at the end of the exam period.

Enrolment: Mid-July, dates to be announced.

  • Foreign students: students who hold an upper secondary education diploma or degree from a member country of the European Union or from countries which have signed reciprocal international agreements must present their diploma and a sworn translation into Spanish.
  • Students to whom the above does not apply must have their foreign secondary education diploma validated and approved by the Spanish Government. The school will provisionally admit students who prove their diplomas are in the process of validation.
  • The official languages of instruction at Musikene are Spanish and Basque. However, group classes are given in Spanish and individual classes are given in the preferred language of communication between the student and teacher (Spanish, Basque, English, or French).


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Each year Musikene announces access for transfer students from higher schools of art or from music degree studies of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Transfer applications can be presented from between July 1 and 10, 2023

Applications not received by the established deadline or lacking the required documentation will not be accepted.

Applications will be reviewed by the Musikene board of assessors based on the number of spaces available and the documentation presented.

Applicants will receive a response by email during the second half of July.

Students who are accepted must present the letter of acceptance to their schools and request transfer to Musikene.


Interested parties must complete the following three steps within the given deadlines:

  • Complete the online application form
  • Email a copy of your official academic record, signed and sealed by the school of origin, by to
  • Provide* the additional documentation required by the area of specialization to which you wish to transfer:

– Performance: audio-visual recording of the applicant of between 10 and 15 minutes in length.

– Conducting: recording of 10 to 15 minutes in length showing the applicant’s conducting skills.

– Composition: the applicant must send two original scores, and optionally, an audio file.

– Pedagogy: two audio-visual recordings of voice and piano, each 5 minutes in length.


*We recommend sending audio or video files via a file sharing service such as DropBox, Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and sending an e-mail to Musikene ( with the link to the video.


Under article 10, 1b, Royal Decree 631/2010 of 14 May, if records are transferred from one Spanish autonomous community to another to continue the same studies, all credits will be recognized.

Recognition of the subjects already taken at the school of origin will require payment of 25% of the cost of the corresponding credits for the recognized subject.

Transfer students from outside Spain: in addition to the above, at the time of registration students must provide a sworn translation into Spanish of their academic record.

Transfer students from outside the European Higher Education Area: No procedure has been established for Musikene to recognize studies from schools outside EHEA. Interested parties should request recognition of their higher level studies from the corresponding administration and submit validation at the time of registration. Musikene will then determine whether the transfer is viable. For more information: