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Bachelor in Advance Artistic Education



Choral Conducting | Orchestral Conducting


Accordion | Bassoon | Clarinet | Double Bass | Flute | French Horn | Guitar | Harp | Oboe | Organ | Percussion | Piano | Saxophone | Trombone | Trumpet | Tuba | Txistu | Viola | Violin | Violoncello | Voice


Double Bass | Drums | Electric Bass | Electric Guitar | Piano | Saxophone | Trombone | Trumpet | Voice

Fee per credit 1st matriculation 26,47€
Fee per credit 2nd matriculation 45,68€
Fee per credit 3rd matriculation 55,80€
Opening of academic transcript 27,34€
Recognition of credits 25% of the cost of the credits corresponding to the recognised subject.
External student credit recognition study 30,00€
Official academic certification 27,34€
Academic transcript transfer IN/OUT 27,34€


The matriculation fees in Musikene follow the system of credits established in universities. 240 ECTS credits divided into 4 academic years of 60 each.

Grants exclusively for postgraduate students:
  • Two AIE grants of 3,000 euros each: The Comisión de Fondo Asistencial y Cultural de la AIE (Artistas, Intérpretes o Ejecutantes) (The Assistance and Cultural Fund Commission of the Spanish Society of Artists and Performers), within its annual offer of highly specialised grants, awards two grants of 3,000 euros each for Musikene students in the specialisations of Classical and Jazz performance. The official announcement is published on the AIE website in March.
  • An “Igartza” grant of 2,000 euros: The Town Council of Beasain will award a grant of 2,000 euros to a student registered in postgraduate studies at Musikene selected by a panel created expressly for the purpose. The selection will be made in autumn.
  • An SGAE grant of 1,000 euros: The Fundación SGAE (Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers Foundation) will award a 1,000 euros grant to a Composition student at Musikene by a panel created expressly for the purpose. The selection will take place in autumn.


Grants of a general nature:
  • Basque Government dents residing in the Basque Autonomous Community are eligible to apply for grants awarded annually by the Basque Government for university and other higher-level studies. Scholarships are posted in July at:
  • Ministry of Education Scholarships: Students residing outside of the Basque Autonomous Community are eligible to apply for grants of a general nature offered every year by the Ministry of Education at the end of July. These grants are for students enrolled in post-compulsory studies:

From6th February to 29th March 2023 Musikene will conduct an Open House for the purpose of informing the public about the different specialisations on offer at the school.

The main goal is to show the public the teaching methods and curriculum at Musikene, introduce visitors to the teachers of each speciality and their work, familiarise visitors with the characteristics of the entrance exam, and provide them with any other information of interest.

The open house dates are different for each speciality. While each is organised differently, all of the events have a similar approach, aimed basically at students who may be interested in studying at Musikene in the future and at the teachers who give the classes. The public will be able to attend certain instrument specialisation classes as unregistered students, and may participate directly in classes as active students. At the beginning of each day, information will be given on different aspects regarding the specialisation (curriculum, entrance exams, level, etc.) and any questions will be answered.

The Open Door sessions are free of charge. All interested parties must complete the registration form. (The registration deadline will be indicated in the corresponding document for each speciality.)

For more information regarding dates, times and programme of activities for each specialisation, click on the link below to send your enquiry: