Musikene has just opened enrolment for the official Master’s Degree in Orchestral Studies which develops the close collaboration with the Basque National Orchestra. This year, in addition, string instrumentalists will be able to take the course starting from 1,420 euros, thanks to the grants awarded by the AIE (Spanish Society of Artists and Performers) and the town council of Beasain, which join the remunerated work experience the students obtain for orchestral practice in the Basque National Orchestra.

The Musikene Master’s Degree in Orchestra Studies Artistic Teaching for string instrumentalists, the first and only one of its kind in Spain, allows students to train with the best professionals in Europe, to play as just another professional sharing music stands in rehearsals, concerts and tours with the musicians of the Basque National Orchestra, to prepare for orchestra auditions with realistic simulations and even to immerse themselves in research on orchestral music, with the possibility to carry out a doctorate in the future.

Intended for specialisation in the orchestra repertoire and the preparation of official competitive entrance examinations, the master’s degree has 60 ECTS and can be taken over one or two years. The quality of the teaching is another of the great attractions of this master’s degree, which in addition to the prestigious teaching staff of Musikene, has included, for the first two editions, Gordan Nikolic as concertmaster-conductor for a string orchestra project, as well as other great invited maestros.

The fact that it is an official approved master’s degree implies the recognition of the same in the member countries of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Likewise, it means a greater score in official competitive entrance examinations or competitions for Public Administration and the possibility of obtaining general grants from the Ministry of Education. On the other hand, master’s diploma courses are considered continuing education and do not allow access to doctorate programmes.

With this master’s degree, set in motion for the third year by Musikene and the Basque National Orchestra, the Basque Country once again places itself at the head of musical higher education. Enrolment is open between 19th February and 3rd June. Entrance examinations will be carried out 18th, 21st and 22nd June and matriculation (online) will be in the second fortnight of July.

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